be inspired to know your own mind

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What happens when you are introduced to superpowers you never thought you had?

What happens when you have a user guide for your brain? One that is relevant to your everyday life?

You change. You adapt. You begin to become who you want to be by knowing how your brain works, how to use it better, and ultimately, know your own mind.

The truth is the brain you have is not the brain you’re stuck with...really.

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We're making mymntr a culturally relevant user guide for your brain with media-makers, change-agents, and neuroscientists.

What you will experience here is a sneak peek - it's not a finished product... it's a pilot… so, please explore it and connect with us! Do you dig it?!

*Tell us what you think. We want your feedback. SPEAK YOUR MIND.

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Join mymntr Neuroscientist and Brain Guide, Dr. Kevin Weiner, as he explores the superpowers of super minds. BIO

The brain you have is not the brain you are stuck with!

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Have you checked out the lingoDECODER? It's here to help you understand the lingo.

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